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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book Bag and Military Name Tape.

Hi Everyone!!

Here is a quick post of a project me and my hubby did, well mostly my hubby but I did help =). I got my niece Nicole a simple book bag (That's what she asked for) I founf this cute "Military Style" book bag and text her a picture and told her that If she wanted I could change the *STAR* tape to her name. Once she gave me the go ahead I had a Military name tape made for her and here is how it turned out.

Here is the name tag I used.

Here is the finished project. It took longer than we wanted cause first I didn't know how to use the sewing machine and once I thought I new what to do I started to sew and the sewing machine didn't want to work. Once I tried 3 times my hubby thought it was me that didn't know how to use it (which he was right) but it turned out that it was the sewing machine that didn't work so my hubby decided to sew it by hand.

I think it he did a great job!

 He's so awesome! I <3 him!!!
Thanks for Stopping By!!


  1. I love this! I am not great with the sewing machine husband is the sewer in our family I am sure your niece will love her personalized bag!

  2. Thanks! She got the bag today in the mail and she LOVED it!