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Monday, July 25, 2011

Update on our house.

Happy Monday Everyone!
So as some of you know our home got badly damaged from the April 16th Tornado that hit North Carolina, Well we finally got word from our contractor on Sunday the 17th that we can start moving back into our house! My husband and I were super excited to finally be back into our house. I just wanted to share pictures of my new scrapbooking room its a mess in here but its getting there.
Here are some pictures of my scrap room after the tornado...

These pictures are from my scrap room in our temporary home on base. These pics were taken while I was packing my room to move back into our house. 

Ok, Now onto my New Scrapbooking Room! I Love it! I got to pick out a new wall color so this was a tricky task since I've always had white walls or tan since that was the color of ALL the walls in our house when we bought it back in 2009. So we hit up Lowes to look for paint samples to give to our contractor, I knew I wanted a soft blue, well that's what I thought so I picked out the color I liked. A couple of weeks later we ended back @ lowes for something for the house and I ended up in the pain section again and for some reason I kept going back to the Pink section and I saw the "Prom Pink" and I wasn't to sure but I took the sample with me and showed it to my hubby and he was like "go for it" so I did it! LOL... At first I was not too happy with it cause I thought it was too Pink but now that my furniture is in here I love it! Its messy but I <3 my room! I hope to get it together quick so I can get busy and finish the projects I started before moving here.

I missed my huge closet!!!

Once I'm done organizing and putting things away I will try and make a video tour of my room.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


  1. Did I see pink end caps on one of those machines?
    I am happy that you got a new scrap-booking room out of all the disaster you went through. No fun- those tornadoes.
    DIANA L.

  2. Yup you saw pink end caps on my Cricut Imagine! My huby spray painted them way before they bacame available on

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow....your before pictures broke my sad to see. But, your new room looks amazing!! It is so perfect!

  4. Thanks! It does make me HAPPY when I see my new scrap room!