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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday!

WOW!!! Today was a super long day for both me and my hubby! We started shopping @ midnight @ Walmart!! I got up @ around 9:30ish on Thursday morning to start my day. My hubby and I started preparing the turkey and other things for dinner and by we I mean my hubby... he's a better cook than I will ever be! Well while the turkey was cooking My hubby and I were planing out where we were going and what we were there for. So after our yummy dinner (not bad for our first Turkey huh?)

we relaxed and watched T.V and I got some coupons printed out we decided to take a "nap" and get up and ready by 11:30ish since Walmart is only 5 mins away. Well my hubby got about an hr and a half of sleep and me maybe about 10 or 15 mins (boy was that a mistake!)
So we got to Walmart about 6 min before midnight and like we expected it was packed!!! My job was to get a vacuum that I wanted and hes was to get a Play Station 3 game and some DVD's he wanted. When I got to where the vacuums were  there was already like 40+ people waiting to get the 10 to 20 vacuums that were there... @ exactly 12:00am I was pushed into the stack of vacuums by this rude guy! I came out of there with my arm and pinky sore but  I got my VACUUM!!! LOL
I also found some Cricut Lite Cartridges for $20.00 each I thought this was a good deal! They had them on there ad but I thought that there was no way that there would be any left but I guess I got luck!

I got Cricut Lite Jolly Holidays & Cricut Lite  Four Legged Friends

After being in line to check out for about an hr @ Walmart we headed to Jacksonville (about an hr or so drive) to go to Sears (We waited in line from 2:20am to 4am in the cold just to TOOLS!!!), Home Depot, Lowes (<~ for more tools) and finally made our way to Michael's!!! Here is what I got there...
I got Stand and Salute, Pagoda & Everyday Paper Dolls. I got them for $27.99 each

Also I got some more Shelf Organizer Cubes & 2 packs of Hanging File Folders.
The cubes were already 40% off and I got an extra 25% off so not bad! =)

Now I will have a lot more storage for my paper thats on the floor and closet! Adding these 3 cubes to the other 12 I already have.

Next we headed back to New Bern and made a quick stop @ Big Lots and got these 2 Cricut Cartridges. Makin' the Grade & Christmas Cheer, both for $20.00 each. Original Price $30.00.

I think this was a successful Black Friday shopping day for the both of us! we both got what we wanted and was looking for. When we finally made it home @ 11:30am all I wanted to do was shower and take a nap! And that's exactly what we did! I didn't feel like getting anything out of the car!! LOL I'm ready to head to bed even though I got a 3 hr nap. Good night!!!!  

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