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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

After Hurricane Irene.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
So on my last post I posted that Hurricane Irene was coming our way and that we were going to be evacuating. Well @ the last minute my hubby decided that we should stay, so we did and it was a bit scary for me cause of the Tornado warning, the loud wind and it just wouldn't stop raining! We did lose power for a couple of days, from Friday night till Sunday night. I was excited ones we got power to later find out that we still didn't have cable or Internet.  We got our cable and Internet back Tuesday afternoon. Well I just wanted to share a couple of pics I took Sunday morning after the hurricane.

Since there was no power there were some car accidents.

This is why it took long to get power back.

This is Sophie she came along with us.

It was crazy how some tress came down with roots and all!

This is where we live.

The next 12 pics are on base @ Cherry Point.

This is the gas stations that was right across the street from where we got gas. The line to get gas @ Exxon was super long!

This is the back of our house. We added a screen room after we got our house from the Tornado damages. We were worried cause they guys had finished the screen room on Thursday and the Hurricane was coming on Saturday. Good thing nothing happen to our house, the only thing that sucks is that we did lose our fence again.

Thanks for stopping by. I may have another post later tonight or tomorrow of some cards I made while stuck @ home cause of the hurricane. 

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